Get INSIDE THE MEDIA with Batt Humphreys’ six course series.


Focused on teaching you, as authors and entrepreneurs, how to strategically position your message, idea, or business to be relevant, impactful, and sought-after so you can avoid being lost in the shuffle. As a former executive producer of a major network morning show, Batt knows what it takes to generate the media’s interest, maintain it, and leverage it. And now, so will you. Including a personal consulting session with Batt himself, it’s time to take the media spotlight.

About Batt Humphreys

Batt Humphreys is a former CBS News executive with 20 years experience in network television.

As an Executive Producer he was recruited and returned to CBS News to take over The Early Show in 2011, during a period of transition and tasked with turning a broadcast and staff towards new editorial focus. He spearheaded the editorial rebranding of a broadcast described in the press for decades as, “the perennial third place morning show”, in short months bringing attention and rare positive press from both The New York Times and The National Journal.

He also held oversight duties as Senior Director of Standards for CBS News, which included contact and editorial review of all network, broadcast levels. During that period he wrote the network policy on social media and worked on both network, corporate and affiliate level to engage discussion on consistency of standards on all reporting platforms.

As an executive, producer and reporter during a career that spanned three decades he began the network coverage of events the morning of September 11, 2001 and has engaged in the coverage of: wars, elections, hurricanes, disasters and occasional stories that actually lifted the human spirit.

His passion towards the pursuit of a good story has also led to consulting and working with clients in businesses as varied as tech startups, film, consumer products and high profile trials. With each, he excels in developing the message, to attract the media. His work with and development of network talent offers a deep wealth of experience in preparing clients for their close up.

Batt is also a published author. His first novel Dead Weight, was the recipient of numerous awards. His second Path to Glory, is pending publication.

Make the Media Want You

In Make the Media Want You, we learn about how to make the media want you and your story or your product. Batt discusses his experience as the Executive Producer of a network morning show, and how media focus can shift in a split second. We learn how to craft your story, develop an effective pitch and target the proper media outlet–which now includes social media and the web in addition to traditional print, radio and television.


The Perspective course of Inside Media, Batt Humphreys gives a unique insider’s perspective of the world of mass media and its epicenter, New York City. He explains how understanding how the media views you can help you get your message through, loud and clear. Batt pulls back the curtain on how networks and producers find stories, and how you can use that to your advantage. Batt breaks down the influence and user statistics of various media outlets and gives insight into the world of social media. He stresses how forward thinking will help move your message forward to an audience who wants–and needs–your product or service.

How The Pros Do PR

In How The Pros Do PR, we learn the methods of public relations experts and how to use these insider tips to create your pitch. He explains how to get the proper, concise and jargon-free message into your pitch or press release. But a good message isn’t enough; you also need to know how to avoid the spam folder or trash can.

Course 3 also digs deeply into media coaching and how to leverage technology to your advantage. From Skype to home coaching, Batt reveals the most effective methods of preparing for your big moment. And once you do book a media appearance, there are some critical dos and don’ts–from your appearance and clothing to facial expressions and subconscious ticks!

Crisis Management

The Crisis Management course of Inside Media, Batt Humphreys discusses how to handle public relations crises, and how to leverage media to turn the tide in your favor. Sooner or later, you’ll have a sticky situation on your hands, and knowing the tools you have at your disposal–and how to use them–is critical. Do you lay low and let the storm pass? Do you go on the defensive and justify your position–or do you go on the offensive and attack your attackers? Find out in this critical series of classes.

For Authors Only

For Authors Only is dedicated to you–the author and entrepreneur. Batt Humphreys shares his own experiences as an award-winning author and how you can use the media to sell your book–and your products and services. This course helps you plan your own mini public relations firm–and when to ramp up your efforts to include a professional PR firm or agent. Batt discusses how to plan your PR budget, book tour, speaking engagements and how to line up appearances. This course helps you connect with your readers–as well as other authors to help you maximize your exposure and engage your audience.


The Insights section of Inside Media provides unique insights into the world of the media. Producers on the network level–and other media outlets–are a band of brothers. Their job is simply to find the best story–the best stories make the best media segments. Batt helps you understand how producers think–which will allow you to craft the right pitch to tell your story.

No matter how big a media personality or show is, everyone has their time to shine–and now it’s time for you to shine through your story. Thinking outside the box will help you tell that story. Sure, network television is at the top of the media heap, but you’ve got to think about the best way to connect with your prime audience–and that might mean cable TV, radio, the web or social media.